Demon’s Souls PS5 | Best Weapons for the early, mid, and late game

Demon’s Souls PS5 | Best Weapons for the early, mid, and late game

In the corrupted kingdom of Boletaria, danger is never far away. If you’re to survive your journey through the fog-draped landscape of Demon’s Souls, then you need the best weapon for the job.
In the esoteric world of the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls, there’s a lot of focus on difficulty, unyielding atmosphere, and untimely death.
And while the general perception is that you just have to grin and bear it, “git gud” and carry on, there are actually quite a few great weapons you can pick up to make things just that little bit easier.

We asked Souls-master, streamer, and demon-slaying aficionado, Oroboro, to outline a few of the best weapons in Demon’s Souls for early, mid, and late-game.
Here’s what he had to say.
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Demon’s Souls PS5 Best Weapons
Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the early game

Crescent Falchion

This curved sword is one of the best early game weapons because of it’s high base magic damage. It can be found in World 4-1 by heading to the left when you enter the first fog gate, then going out of the exit on the left. There you’ll find a Dual Katana Black Skeleton. Right behind him is the Crescent Falchion +1.

Crushing Battle Axe

This is one of the best early game Strength weapons. It can be found in World 2-1 after heading up the first elevator and defeating the Fat Official guarding the balcony.
You’ll find the Crushing Battle Axe +1 outside on a corpse behind the two Scale Miners. Be sure to level up Strength and two hand the weapon to get the most damage out of it.
Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the mid game

Lava Bow

This bow is an extremely strong mid game weapon, as it has low stat requirements and adds an additional 100 fire damage to every arrow it fires. It also has the highest durability of any bow in the game.
To create it, you’ll need the Hard Demon’s Soul, which can be acquired by defeating the Armor Spider in World 2-1. If you’ve given Blacksmith Ed the Red Hot Demon’s Soul, then you’ll be able to create the Lava Bow from any of the following: Short Bow +7, Long Bow +7, Compound Short Bow +7, and Compound Long Bow +7.

Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the late game

Dragon Bone Smasher

The Bone Smasher is one of the best Strength weapons in the game. You can get it easily by entering World 2-3 to fight the Dragon God with Pure White World Tendency.
The rubble on the left side when you enter will disappear, and the Dragon Bone Smasher will be yours for the taking.

Meat Cleaver

Another oversized sword, the Meat Cleaver is probably the best end game weapon.
Because of it’s incredible stat scaling (S in Strength and Dexterity, A in Faith) the damage of this weapon can get very high very quickly. It also does half magic damage, so it’s extremely helpful when fighting certain bosses.
To create the Meat Cleaver you’ll need the Swollen Demon’s Soul. You can get this soul from defeating the Adjudicator in World 4-1. Then you’ll need to bring any of the following to Blacksmith Ed: Club, Great Club, War Pick +6, Mace +6, Pickaxe +6, Morning Star +6, Iron Knuckles +6, and Mirdan Hammer +6.
Demon’s Souls – Weapon Upgrades

Demon’s Souls PS5 Weapon Upgrades

Upgrade Effect:

Hardstone and Sharpstone

Evens out Strength and Dexterity scaling

Increases Strength scaling and removes Dexterity scaling

Increases Dexterity scaling and lowers Strength scaling

Removes all scaling and adds high base physical/fire damage

Boosts bleed damage, increases Dexterity scaling and lowers Strength scaling

Adds chance to inflict poison on the target

Boosts critical damage and lowers base damage

Adds Magic scaling and Magic damage

Adds Magic scaling, Magic damage, and MP regen, but removes Strength and Dexterity scaling

Adds Faith scaling, Magic damage, and HP regen, but lowers Strength and Dexterity scaling

Sticky (Bows Only)
Increases Range and Dexterity scaling, but lowers Strength scaling

Dark (Shields Only)
Increases Magic Damage Reduction and resets Guard Break Reduction to base

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