Nail Doctor For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] – Free Download

Nail Doctor free

Nail Doctor For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] – Free Download

Nail Doctor For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] Free Download & Install. Get Nail Doctor latest Version from Healthgamea Store.

App Review:

Nail Doctor is extraordinary compared to other nail medical procedure game for who love to play medical procedure game. Here in this game, you have different patients with harmed toes so become a genuine doctor treat them with genuine specialist apparatuses.

What in heaven’s name Happened to that Foot?!

Wow! What has this individual up to, strolling shoeless around nails throughout the day? At the point when your patient first strolls in the entryway in this Nail Doctor game, their foot is in a tough situation. There’s a humongous sore being feasted on by a trio of parasites. Splinters stick out of one of the toes like darts in a dartboard. There’s a monstrous cut over the knuckle, and the entire toe is overflowing blood! It’s a great thing that this individual came in today, since this toe won’t last any longer. Get your instruments out, on the grounds that it will be some time.

Utilize Your Special Nail Doctor Tools

This medical procedure reproduction game places you in the doctor’s seat, giving each instrument you have to fix this fiasco of a toe. We love this game since it makes you think – it doesn’t guide you precisely. You simply need to pick the correct apparatuses to fix the entirety of this present foot’s issues. Above all else, this thing is drier than the Sahara Desert. At any rate give it a flush to begin with. Get it dry, open your medical clinic sack and break out those devices. It’s an ideal opportunity to go to work.


Cleary, there is a contamination going on here – presumably more than one. Ensure your needles are stacked with solid antibacterial arrangements and give that toe a jab! Ensure you offer the chance right where it’s required. This will assist with quieting down the entirety of the redness, torment, etc.


There’s a whole gathering of parasites going on under that toenail, and no one was welcomed. All things considered, never dread, since tweezers are a definitive bouncer for this situation. Show no benevolence, Nail Doctor – these little loafers need to go. Pluck them out and dispose of them! Ok, that is so much better…

Sprayers and Dryers

Despite the fact that you’re fixing this foot, it will be truly aggravated on the grounds that you’re jabbing and pushing at it. You additionally need to ensure that it has a lot of sterile showers to forestall disease, so ensure you utilize the sprayer devices. Try not to let the shower sit for a really long time, however – it consumes! Get that dryer out and pass it over.

Surgical blades

Okay, this part is extremely upsetting, however essential. See that hangnail going on, with such additional tissue? There’s just a single method to dispose of it. Advise the patient to close their eyes and check to ten. Snatch the surgical tool and cut everything off! On the off chance that you need to be pleasant, you ought to do it rapidly and get it over with.

Substantially More

No one can really tell who is going to stroll in that entryway, not to mention what sort of foot will be joined to that individual. An incredible Nail Doctor has huge amounts of instruments available to deal with any circumstance. Take a second when you can and get acquainted with these things, since you’ll have to utilize every one of them now and again.

Spare the Foot and Celebrate

At long last, after a lot of showering, cleaning, jabbing and that’s just the beginning, you have this foot thinking back to typical once more. Advise that patient to deal with it so this doesn’t occur once more, and afterward celebrate! Inflatables will fly up from the base of the screen as a fun minigame. Ensure you just pop inflatables of a specific shading. Hit an inappropriate one, you lose! Prepared to spare the world, each foot in turn? Burden up this Nail Doctor game and show us your medical procedure aptitudes!

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How to Play Nail Doctor on PC (Windows 10/8/7) | GUIDE

Nail Doctor For PC Windows 10/8/7 Free Download & Install Guide Below!

You just have to follow these easy steps:

1 – Download Any Emulator to Play Nail Doctor on PC Windows 10/8/7:

2 – Create an account on Emulator!

you can also link your existing Google account with Bluestacks or Andy Emulator.

3 – Search Nail Doctor Game in Emulator!

4 – Install Nail Doctor

Now you can play Nail Doctor on PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) Or even on MAC OS.

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