Qigong Breathing For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] – Free Download

Qigong Breathing free

Qigong Breathing For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] – Free Download

Qigong Breathing For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] Free Download & Install. Get Qigong Breathing latest Version from Healthgamea Store.

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Become familiar with the mystery strategies for Qigong Breathing with this gushing video exercise to empower your body! You’ll additionally mend your heart, lungs, and whole cardiovascular framework and make your Qigong practice all the more remarkable. Dr. Yang educates in English, with English/Spanish captions. One In-App buy to get the full substance.

In this exercise, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming digs further into his qigong hypothesis, from the top of the line “Understanding Qigong DVD2”. You’ll get familiar with the seldom shown fine purposes of how to make Qigong really successful, including:

  • The connection between the thymus organ and the feelings.
  • Understand the mending hints of ‘Hen’ and ‘Ha’, and figure out how they identify with Qigong and Tai Chi.
  • Learn the essential Chinese idea of rewarding normal sicknesses, explicitly the breathing strategies for lung malignant growth and asthma.


  • Significance of Breathing

Mind/Cell Replacement (Metabolism)

  • Upper Level Qi and Lower Level Qi

(Shang Ceng Qi and Xia Ceng Qi)

glucose + 6O2 – > 6H2O + 6C02

  • > 686 Kcal
  • Managing Regular Breathing (Yi Ban Hu Xi)

About Lungs

Breathing Yin (breathe in) and Yang (breathe out)

  • Stomach Breathing (Fu Hu Xi)

Increment Qi Quantity by Converting the Fat Into Qi

Increment Hormones Production From Surrounding Glands

Adrenal, Testicles/Ovaries, Pancreas, and so on.

Typical Abdominal Breathing

Zheng Fu Hu Xi

Turned around Abdominal Breathing

Fan Fu Hu Xi, Ni Fu Hu Xi

Various Ways of Qi Circulation in Normal and Reversed Abdominal Breathing

  • Other Breathing Techniques

  • Yongquan Breathing (Yongquan Xi)
  • Laogong Breathing (Laogong Xi)
  • Four Gates Breathing (Si Xin Xi)
  • Five Gates Breathing (Wu Xin Xi)
  • Joint Breathing (Guan Jie Xi)
  • Skin Breathing (Fu Xi, ΩßÆß)(Ti Xi)
  • Marrow Breathing (Sui Xi)
  • Undeveloped Breathing (Tai Xi)
  • Turtle Breathing (Gui Xi)
  • Hibernation Breathing (Dong Mian Xi)

Drawing on more than 40 years of preparing in Qigong and his Western logical foundation in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yang presents a reasonable and intriguing clarification of his Qigong hypothesis, and offers a straightforward Qigong practice for understudies to start encountering their Qi. This program is an absolute necessity for Qigong experts, acupuncturists, vitality healers, and anybody keen on seeing precisely how and why Qigong functions.

On the off chance that you’ve never gone to a Qigong class with Dr. Yang, here’s a home form you won’t have any desire to miss!

Qi-Gong signifies “vitality work”. Qigong (chi kung) is the old specialty of building the body’s Qi (vitality) to a more significant level and coursing it all through the body for revival and wellbeing. This delicate Qigong practice is an exceptionally powerful approach to lessen pressure, increment vitality, upgrade mending, and by and large improve your personal satisfaction.

Qigong builds the amount of vitality in the body, and improves the nature of your course through vitality pathways, known as meridians. Qi gong is now and again called “needle therapy without needles.”

Qigong can be compelling in helping individuals with asthma, cardiovascular malady, coronary illness, lung issues, a sleeping disorder, stress-related issues, wretchedness, back agony, joint inflammation, hypertension, issues with the insusceptible framework, respiratory framework, bioelectric circulatory framework, lymphatic framework, and stomach related framework.

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(Yang’s Martial Arts Association)

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How to Play Qigong Breathing on PC (Windows 10/8/7) | GUIDE

Qigong Breathing For PC Windows 10/8/7 Free Download & Install Guide Below!

You just have to follow these easy steps:

1 – Download Any Emulator to Play Qigong Breathing on PC Windows 10/8/7:

2 – Create an account on Emulator!

You can also link your existing Google account with Bluestacks or Andy Emulator.

3 – Search Qigong Breathing Game in Emulator!

4 – Install Qigong Breathing

Now you can play Qigong Breathing on PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) Or even on MAC OS.

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